Hair studio – Tel-Aviv Port

Location: Tel-Aviv Port, Israel

Structure: 60 sqm

Design: 2008-2009

Program: Hair studio

A women’s barbershop, located in the Tel-Aviv port, In Hangar 1. The studio was designed in an existing industrial space, for a barber at the beginning of his career. It was decided to place a wooden cube in the center of the space. A number of functions are concentrated in this cube, in order to create an open space with a minimum of intervention. The following functions are located in the cube: cash register, toilets, service cabinets and the hair wash area. 3 book stands are located along the wall, and are separated by the wooden cube from the manicure-pedicure area, which requires privacy from the rest of the space. The barbershop has a showcase overlooking the western side towards the sea. Along this showcase is a seating bar with a kitchenette and a coffee area.

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