Asaf Salomon is a licensed architect, senior of NYC PRATT INSTITUTE. In 2000, after four years of internship in various offices, Asaf founded an independent architects’ office in New York, and in 2007 the office was copied to Tel Aviv. The office deals with a wide range of projects both in Israel and abroad in the architecture field and interior design, in the residential and commercial fields: private homes, luxury apartments, residential buildings, preservation of buildings, commerce, offices and hotels. The work is conducted in front of entrepreneurs, private clients and public institutions. We perform numerous projects in different scales. Our office provides various services, and combines issuance of permits, architectural planning, interior design, and up to construction supervision until the end of the project. The office emphasizes a personal connection and mindfulness to the needs and goals of our clients, both in terms of the functional-value aspect and in terms of the personal style of each client. This can be seen in the wide variety of styles in our projects. The experience in a wide range of design styles creates design flexibility, that results in an eclectic work that is integrated, balanced, and original according to the client’s style and desire. The planning work is carried out as one unit, from the outer casing, the structural space and the interior design starting from the earliest stages of the work on the project, and consequently, the planning is done inside and out in a harmonious way, while maintaining the joint language and theme for the inside and outside equally.

I believe in striving for excellence in architectural work, while setting high standards, primarily for ourselves and for the operating contractors as well. Each project is treated with the utmost attention, while seeking creative solutions, and with original thought up to the smallest details, in addition for keeping a budget and an organized schedule. Our office adheres to a minimal and simple geometry, searching for balanced and clean proportions, open spaces, maximum use of natural light, and use of green and natural elements. Sensitivity, listening, and learning about the client’s needs throughout the process are the foundation for the project’s success. The responsibility, the love, and the enthusiasm for action, is the recipe for a fruitful creation.



אסף סלומון אדריכל ומעצב פנים במרכז
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