House 2 – Herzeliya

Location: Herzeliya B, Israel

Land: 285 sqm

Structure: 310 sqm

Design: 2010-2012

Program: Semi-detached house

A semidetached plot with a common wall between two houses. The house is designed in a clean cut edge build in two main masses. The first mass at next to the street intended to be more sealed in order to achieve previse. The second one is built as a flouting cube above the living room and the swimming pool. the cube is disconnected from is surrounding and from the ceiling above in order to achieve lightness. This cube is where the master bedroom is located at the first floor and it connected with a bridge over the open space to the children’s room at the same floor. The basement and a roof floor was plan as a separate units without any intervenient with the rest of the house. At the front of the house there is an entrance from the car park striate to kitchen. The swimming pool is located at the entry to the house and parallel to the living room when a glass wall is separate between then and the the ceiling above the living room is stretches above half of the pool area to make it be as one space and in order to get the pool inside the house.

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