TLV – House In Neve Tzedek 2

Location: Neve tzedek, TLV

Land: 215 Sq.m – Structure:300 Sq.m

 Design: In process

Program: Garden apt. and basement

On a plot of 83 meters in size, a private house was planned with a total area of 250 square meters. The building is spread over 4 floors + a basement + 3 floors above the ground with an inner yard. The building itself was redesigned but was chosen to use the existing building façade as stated in the original permit from the 1930, although not a building for preservation. This is because the property was purchased by an entrepreneur in favor of an investment for an end client whose identity is unclear to the investor, who will seek to live in Neve Tzedek. That is why it was decided to adapt the façade of the building to the character of the neighborhood, which is so unique. The limestone walls from the original building were left and even exposed, again in order to grant the character of the neighborhood and a combination of contemporary and modern elements, and create a unique and warm, eclectic look.


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