Summer House – NY


Location: Pine plaines , New York

 Land:50000 sq.m

Structure: 60 Sq.m

Design :2007

Program: modular Summer house

This booth is a model that was designed as a prototype for a construction method called Casa-tech. this method was designed by our office, and is based on a constructive combination of concrete, steel and wood, and a combination of a system of walls and multi-layered roofs. The design and assembly of the structure is based on a combination of modular parts (LEGO) produced in a factory in a serial production method, and assembled in a short time with the help of dry connections in the field. Therefore, this structure is a structure that is defined as ecological in nature, both in terms of matter, active and passive ecosystems, and in terms of energy savings in its production and manner of construction. This model can function as a vacation room, studio or as a private home. You can change the arrangement of the interior space and even increase it with a plan that is completely flexible to the client’s needs. A size of 60 square meters is available with a growth capacity of up to 240 square meters, and even more. This model was originally designed with a wooden construction, but can be applied with a steel construction laid on concrete foundations. The roof can also be changed according to the client’s choice (flat/sharp/multi-sloping/thatched roof). The structure can be elevated on pillars of be laid directly on the ground. It is also possible to change the finishing materials according to personal choice, and according to budget constraints.


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