Tara Jarmon – NYC

Location: Fifth AVE, NYC

 Land Structure:90 sqm

 Design :2004-2005

Progrma: Tara Jarmon Flag Store

Tara jarmon’s flagship store – a French international brand, located on the prestigious Madison Avenue. The store has an elongated space built of four main parts: the first part includes the entrance space, that contains the shop display window, and the displaying of the ware. The floor of this area is made of black and white mosaic, imported from Italy. In the second and central part, there is the sales counter and wall cabinets, which blend in a matching carpentry ceiling. The third part contains dressing rooms, covered with original wall papers from the 1930s. the central back space includes a display of the ware and a back wall with shoe shelves, in addition to a seating area for measurements. The design of the store is characterized by a combination of French style with classic architecture motifs of cornices and poles headings, antique furniture, and a modern, geometric, clean oak woodworking element.

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