Penthouse – P. Tikva

Location: Ein ganim P.Tikva

 Land:150 Sq.m Structure:Design2018 program: Penthouse apt. 

Designed in a new building in the Ein-Ganim neighborhood of Petah Tikva. The apartment has a large, open living room that contains a kitchen, living room and a dining area. In addition, three rooms are planned: one for guests/grandchildren, a residential secure space used as a study room, and a 30 sqm master room. In the design of the apartment, a choice was made using a monochromatic palette: light colors to shades of black and neutral shades of gray in between, with touches of warm materials such as brass, camellia leather and yellowish-brown capillaries in the apartment flooring. The rooms are paved with natural oak for a feeling of warmth, in the master room it was decided to insert the bathroom space into the room space to maximize its size, by separating with the assistance of sliding glass doors with a frame and a smart glass, that allows the user to grant privacy by lighting and creating frosted glass as needed

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