Mini penthouse – Glil yam

Location: Glil yam

Structure: 120 + 50 sqm

 Design: 2022

Program: Mini-Penthouse

The apartment was designed for a couple whose children have already left the nest, but occasionally host the student girl who still needs her own room and privacy. It was decided to reduce the number of rooms in the house from 3 bedrooms to one bedroom for the parents, so that the adjoining residential secure space became the closet, and the bedroom that needed the girl’s accommodation became a room detached from the living room by a sliding door and a partition wall which is a closet, that on the one hand serves as a room, and on the other hand constitutes the TV wall in the living room. It can also be used as a family room when needed. Around the entire apartment is a large perimeter balcony to which exits from large display cases from all areas of the apartment, which bring a lot of natural light into the apartment. The materials chosen are neutral monochromatic materials, a color palette between white and gray, with touches of black and matte, light and natural oak.

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