ANGOLA – Retreat House

Location :Angola, Africa 

Land: 5000 S.qm 

Structure: 660 S.qm 

Design: 2007 

Progrma: Presidential Retreat house

This house was originally designed for the president of SAO-TOMAS in Africa, as a summer house overlooking the sea. The building was designed using the Casa-tech construction method. This method was designed by our office and is based on a constructive combination of concrete, steel and wood, and a combination of a system of walls and multi-layered roofs. The size of the building is 660 sqm built + a thin area of 800 sqm. The main entrance to the building is through an entrance foyer leading to an open central seating space covered by a thatched roof typical of local construction, a reflection pool that separates the area from the sea, and is part of the panoramic view towards it. This structure has been designed in a style that combines seriousness, luxury, comfort and simplicity. A combination of a modern line and a local building style. There are two main axes in the building plan that intersect in the entrance hall area – the main axis leads and connects all the common functions: parking and service warehouses, closed living room, dining room and kitchen, breakfast room, projection room and pool, and finally leads to a dramatic vantage point towards the sea, where a pampering Jacuzzi is located. The secondary axis connects along it all the private functions in the building: the master suite and the rest of the bedrooms. There is a lower level under the central area, where the gym is located and another pool to which the upper pool falls. The structure is divided into three main masses. The first mass is located to the left of the entrance axis, where all the functions that serve the structure are located. This mass includes the area of the rooms of the house staff, located on the lower floor under the kitchen, warehouses, parking and utility rooms, and the part facing the sea in this mass is used as the dining room. The second mass contains the four bedrooms and adjoining wet rooms. The third mass is intended for use by the master, the bedrooms, the screening room and an enclosed living area

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