Vera Hotel – TLV

Location: TLV

Land: 390 Sq.m

Structure: 1200 Sq.m

Design: 2018

Located on Lilienblum Street in Tel Aviv in the section between Hertzel Street and Nachalat Binyamin Street. The hotel was established as part of what will very soon become the boutique hotel street in the most powerful entertainment area in the city and is close to all tourist areas in its vicinity. The hotel has 39 rooms of various types, some close to the most powerful area in the city. An office building that has existed since the 1950s has been renovated into a boutique hotel with 39 rooms of various types, with the emphasis in their design is to maintain a design of tough urbanity in the face of natural softness. Combining natural organic materials with geometric processed materials, roughness versus cleanliness, and maintaining naturalness with a minimum of processing. Unprocessed white plaster with large and coarse floor tiles. A choice of a monochromatic color palette, mostly white to black with touches of warm wood and brass leather. Connecting between the room space and the shower rooms by a system of glass walls, industrial faucets and soft textiles in the curtains and bedding. Among the rooms can be found garden rooms, rooms with balconies to the front, rooms with baths in the room space itself and even rooms on a surprising and cheap budget, the average size of the rooms is around 16 square meters. Apart from the same design language in all the rooms of the hotel, there are different types of rooms in terms of the plan, due to the constraint to put them in an existing building, a constraint that later became an advantage in a wide variety of rooms.

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