Location: TLV

Land: 300 Sq.m

Structure: 400 Sq.m

Design: 2015

A gym located in an old hangar from the Mandate period in the Florentine neighborhood. Used in its previous incarnation as a car garage and converted into a gym. The client wanted to create the first low-cost gym in Tel Aviv. The idea was to do something different from the regular pattern of action of the standard gyms, a place that is accessible to beginners but also for experienced. This is a model that is successful in the world of low-cost gyms, but is still portrayed as a premium. With the best equipment, and professional training without private lessons. The space was designed according to the idea of the client’s economic model. Design and use of the natural character of the space, cold and rough industrial line, and very basic. Bare blackened construction, exposed concrete floor, combined with unprocessed plaster and air conditioners, and exposed systems. In order to break the rough line a bit, it was decided to place a wooden cube on the gallery floor with a line and clean material in a warm color, which came to balance the character of the space. This wooden cube functions as an area for dressing rooms and lockers for members to use. Apart from the central space where the gym equipment is located, there are different wings in the space that are suitable for different types of activities and complement the overall concept of the institute. The location of the institute’s space in the Florentine neighborhood and in the industrial area of the neighborhood is very suitable for both the client’s economic idea and the nature of the users in this area of the city.

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