Ecological Vilage – Hukok

Location: Kibuts Hukuk 

Land: 30000 sq.m 

Structure: 29 plots 500 sq.m each


 Program :Eco village

Hukok Ecological Village, is an extension of Kibbutz Hukok on the Sea of Galilee. Thirty 600-square-meter plots as an association of 30 independent families, artists and intellectuals with an environmental awareness, who seek to create an ecological village and live in a sustainable community that aims to increase social development out of environmental responsibility, and create a connection to the land that offers alternative community life with ecological values, while minimizing human impact on the existing environment. Originally, three growing models were designed, where everyone can adjust the size of the building to their needs and budget, and also add more rooms to the building in the future as needed. The skeleton of the buildings was designed using the Casa-tech construction method. This method was designed by our office and is based on a constructive combination of concrete, steel and wood, and a combination of a system of walls and multi-layered roofs. The residents of the community take an active part in the construction of their homes, by using local materials such as earth plaster, local stone and recycled materials, each according to its way and style, and each building is placed on a plot without defined building lines. All this in order to give an individual identity to each lot. The buildings have passive ecosystems according to the way the building is placed in the ground, taking into account energy and solar energy factors with proper shading, minimal exposure to the sun and the use of natural light. Natural ventilation in buildings is done by creating openings according to the existing wind regime, top ventilation for releasing hot air, use of recycled materials, use of gray water systems, compost services and more… The design and assembly of the structure are based on a combination of modular parts (LEGO) produced in the factory by a serial production method, and assembled in a short time with the help of dry connections in the field. Thus, this structure is a structure that is defined as essentially ecological both in terms of matter, active and passive ecosystems, and in terms of energy savings in its production and manner of construction.

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