Duplex – TLV

Location: TLV

Structure: 180 sqm

Program: 3 bedroom Duplex Apt.

This double-duplex apartment is located in the luxurious Neve-Tzedek Tower of Tel-Aviv. The breathtaking view from its windows, throughout the apartment, creates a feeling of openness in its entire space. All utility areas for pantry, laundry, guest shower and toilets were concentrated within a large wood element along the building shaft on the entrance floor. Adjacent to this living room is the foyer, open kitchen, dining area and a study/guest room. This wooden encasement in it freed up the exterior wall to its maximum. The bedrooms on the gallery floor, open up to the main open space facing the sea. The color scheme and materials employed were chosen from a palette of cool white and gray hues balanced by warm teak wood. The challenge met was to create a clean-cut, minimalistic design within a posh, modern space.

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