Cocktail Bar – TLV

Land: 60

Design: 2015-16

Program: Shop / Cocktail Bar

Double-Standard cocktail bai is a Tel Aviv bar, located at the corner of Dizengoff and Nordau boulevards. The client’s requirement was to create a dual-purpose space that would serve as a shop for equipment for cocktails making during the day, and a cocktail bar from the evening hours into the night. From a design point of view, there was a desire to create a place with a classic European scent, with a characteristic Tel Aviv lightness, and the double use of such a small space was not a simple challenge. Moroccan pottery floor with a combination of black wood cabinets and dark natural wood. Around the interior space in the exterior walls, glass showcases were built for displaying equipment for cocktail making, combined with a classic façade in a strong, deep blue color, different and prominent in the landscape of the local neighborhood. A combination of classic furniture from the 1930s, antique lighting fixtures with a warm light shade, and a space with a classic European character, provide an elegant, warm and intimate atmosphere, that creates a very pleasant place to spend time at, both at night and day.

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