Cfar Menachem – Private House

Private House

 Land: Sq.m500

Location: Cfar menachem

Structure: 170 S.qm

 Design: 2010

Program: Private modular home

Private House in Cfar Menachem designed as one of the models of the Casa-tech construction method
this model can work as an independent unit and as an addition to an existing building, such as a studio, an office, or a warehouse, etc. In the project, the building was designed as a treatment room in half and an office in the other half, that includes an external deck for sitting. This method was designed by our office, and is based on a constructive combination of steel, wood, and concrete, and a combination of a system of walls and multi-layered roofs. The size of the building is 50 sqm built, in addition to a thin covered area, of 30 sqm in size. The design and assembly of the structure is based on a combination of modular parts (LEGO) produced in the factory by a serial production method, and assembled in a short time with the assistance of dry connections in the field. Thus, this structure is a building defined as ecological in nature, both in terms of matter, active and passive ecosystems, and in terms of energy savings in its production and mode of construction.


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