Cfar Menachem – Private house

    Location: Cfar Menachem

 land: 500 Sq.m 

Structure: 160 S.qm

Design: 2010

Program: Private modular home

The building was designed using the construction method of Casa-Tech. This method was designed by our office and is based on a unique industrial construction method. Constructive combination of concrete infrastructure of foundations and residential secure space, units made of steel construction and multilayer walls which are manufactured in the factory separately from the field work, that arrive at the site using trucks and are lifted into place in a modular connection as Legos. The size of the building is 160 sqm built on the ground floor, 70 sqm that include the entrance hall, living room and kitchen, residential secure space, and an external storage room. Upstairs are three bedrooms with two bathrooms and a family room. One of the advantages of this construction method is the possibility to enlarge the house according to future needs and without significant changes. This structure is designed as a combination of country style and modern clean style, both in terms of formal masses and in terms of materials. The materials can be changed as needed and according to the desired style

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