Loft building – NYC

Location:228 58St, NYC

 Land:200 sqm 

Structure:720 sqm


 Progrma:Loft Building


An existing residential building owned by one family, which examined the possibility of changing the building for the purposes of adding space and changing the number of apartments. The idea was to create a loft structure that would be based on the existing structure skeleton, with space additions and façade alterations. The first floor is used for commerce, and above it is 4 floors of open lofts for residence: one in the entire floor area, and on the roof floor a duplex apartment of two floors. The loft apartment structure is characterized by a completely open floor space and a high and non-standard ceiling height, with portable partitions to create enclosed spaces. The design of the lofts is characterized by an industrialized line, with a rougher and unclean design – concrete floor, open air ducts, visible electrical systems, exposed brick walls. The façade of the building is also designed in a modern industrial style. Exposed iron construction was used in combination with glass and exposed concrete. 

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