Apartment 1 – TLV

Location: Tel – Aviv

Structure: 120 sqm

Design: 2013

Progrma: 3 bedrooms apartment

An apartment in North Tel Aviv, designed for a single man in his 40s. the apartment is located in a unique building in the” Great Bloc” neighborhood in North Tel Aviv. The apartment was planned in the early stages of the building’s design, and was originally designed as a standard four-bedroom apartment. The apartment offers a large master bedroom that has been enlarged, following a connection between two bedrooms, and includes a walk-in closet and a bathroom that are part of the master suite. In addition, it was decided at this stage to convert the residential secure space adjacent to another closet. An additional bedroom has been converted into a study room, which allows for additional use as a guest bedroom by a pull-out wall bed. A bathroom and guest toilet have been placed in the apartment corridor, and near the living area. Panels and details in a classic style were used, a stone fireplace decorated in the master’s room, and their combination with an apartment with a clean, bright and minimalistic line, creates an apartment with an eclectic, European, classic, interesting and unique design.

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