Apartment 2 – NYC

Location: Central park south ,NYC

Land:185 sqm Structure


Program: Single Family Apartment

Apartment 2/NYC
The apartment is located in the prestigious Hampshire building on 59th Street, south of the park. The apartment was designed for a couple with two children. The idea was to create a flexible residential space, that allows for opening and growing towards the central space, according to the tenants’ needs. The entry is through an entrance foyer that opens towards the living space, to which is attached on one side a projection room, with the ability to close and open to the main living space, according to the needs of the tenants. On the other side of the living space is a kitchen and dining area, which are open to the living space, in order to create an open and wider look to the apartment. The transition between the wings of the apartment is through “gates” – plaster design elements that separate the various functions. A corridor leading to the bedrooms, that is detached from the living space, for maximum privacy. Despite the location of the apartment, the project was carried out on a modest budget, using plaster and paint without cladding. Except the entrance foyer, cladding was used with wood panels. This project was the first project I have carried out as an architect, as a freelancer, and as an actual contractor in the field

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